Arenal Volcano

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Arenal Volcano Costa Rica

Casa Luna Hotel & Spa one of the hotels committed to the environment conservation in Costa Rica La Fortuna. Our program Eco-Luna Sustainable Tourism

  • All rooms have solar panels that power the shower and air conditioning, marking a great step in energy saving and use of renewable sources, the only hotel in the area with this quality.
  • The use of environmentally friendly products is part of our philosophy.
  • The hotel has garbage cans with the necessary separation for recycling and proper waste disposal.
  • A part of Casa Luna’s property was assigned for the protection and conservation of the forest near the Havana River. There is a trail available to this protected natural area.
  • The Casa Luna restaurant takes advantage of the hotel’s organic garden to give a unique flavor to the food with its wide variety of natural seasonings.
  • The hotel also has a tilapia and shrimp farm, the restaurant has fresh products since they are healthily raised for consumption.
  • Some of the tours have the main purpose of protecting the rainforest with reforestation and tree planting projects.
  • All the lighting is 100% low consumption LED light.
  • Casa Luna supports the “Reduce your footprint” philosophy that supports the carbon neutrality that Costa Rica pursues.
  • It is the first hotel in the north of the country that works with photovoltaic panels and solar panels. sustainable tourism eco-luna.

Sustainable tourism Eco-Luna it our program to guarantee a safe and sustainable trip to our country. Please be a sustainable tourist during your visit to Costa Rica.